Monitoring system

At the heart of Automatic Sensing is a modern online monitoring application that puts all the data and device management you need at your fingertips. With us, time and location no longer matter, because all data is accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Perform your data analytics directly from the app without the need to export or hassle of third party apps. All data is stored and backed up in the Czech Republic under your control on secure servers.

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    • Analytical overview of data with graphs and visualizations of measured values
    • Visualisation of 3D points and levelling in space and on maps
    • Comparison of measured values between each other and between stations
    • Many chart types and export options
    • Bulk export of graphs to MS Word templates
    • Automated storage of project data from measuring stations
    • Project and station-specific file storage
    • Project and station-specific file storage
    • Email and application notifications when preset values are exceeded
    • Data export to MS Excel, CSV, ODS
    • Regular updates
    • Support for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari on desktop and mobile
    • Automatic data backup
    • REST interface for M2M communication
    • Map documents
    • Geographical, satellite and 3D maps
    • Displaying station positions
    • Real-time display of the user’s position in the field
    • Management and overview of measuring stations
    • User management and per project permission access
    • Responsive design – mobile and desktop app
    • Multi-language system
The time-consuming processing of raw data in a computer is history. Now with our solution, everything is done automatically in real time. Filtering, chart plotting, warning messages and more.

Situational awareness is essential in decision-making, so we try to make it easy for you to access the information you need. Our map and measurement overview help to show the relationships of all relevant aspects in one place.

The complete portfolio of measuring stations can be managed in one place. You don’t have to worry about your inventory and tediously research what is related to the measuring devices in your organization.

The Automatic Sensing information system allows all project-related data to be stored under one roof, supporting rapid collaboration.