Your project under control

We bring innovative automation and remote monitoring to the construction and environmental industries.

We provide

Automatic Sensing offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing your project. It is possible to get involved at any stage and make a solution that suits you.

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    You can use a complete package of services or just a specific solution for you

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    we connect third-party sensors

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    we provide you with our measuring station for your chosen sensor

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    the measuring station can be powered by batteries or from an electrical outlet

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    wireless operation lasts 2 to 10 years without maintenance

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    data from stations are wirelessly transmitted to the server

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    the monitoring system is accessible from anywhere and on any device 24 hours a day, all year round

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    we adapt hardware and software to the customer's needs

Monitoring system

online information system for all data in your your project

Use cases

We have been on the market since 2015 providing complete solutions for indoor, outdoor and subsurface measurement projects. Our main and key role is to enable measurement automation, online remote access to measurement data and data processing. We offer vertically integrated solutions from sensor to online data analysis. All of this enables cost reduction without the need to restrict project security monitoring.

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